Saturday, 7 February 2009



visually potent view of the Beat Generation and beyond. Keenan's photo-documentation is necessary, for it captures many essential moments -- of Ginsberg, Whalen, Cassady, Corso, McClure, Dylan, and many others.
Without Keenan's illustration of people and events that have already hooked us deeply, we would no doubt be struggling along empty-eyed, wondering where's the color, the depth, the light, and the angle of the Beats? We know their literature; we know something about their personal biographies. Yet equally (if not more) important is knowing what everything looked like. Keenan has provided us the images. He has provided us the most incredible ocular journey, one that goes wham and hits us with sentiment and longing. Keenan wasn't just behind the camera; he was and is part of the rich fabric that wraps around several ripples of "eras," including the Beat Generation.


Sepiru Chris said...

I so agree with you. Images flesh out the stories. Its why I do not like seeing movies for books that I have read; the images are so powerful they take over the images I used to have in my head.

Khaled KEM said...

Thanks for sharing these photos with us. I have an appreciation for the black and white ones.
I am honored that you are following my blog.


Thank´s Kem , your´s Blog it´s for me a deligth successful expression of a unique experience, a striking new way of looking the world of a language. The photos are great too