Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March is American... 

...Red Cross Month. I had just had an amazing day walking through Philadelphia to The Book Trader with my good friend Frank Sherlock. It was beautiful to recharge in the sunlight and run into old friends, people, trees, buildings.

After Frank went home I walked over to the library where I found a table proclaiming that March is American Red Cross Month. Brochures of how GOOD we are, what GOOD people we are helping THE WORLD. I walked up to the table and said to the young man, "MARCH IS AMERICAN INVASION OF IRAQ MONTH!"

We had a debate, a heated back and forth, and a librarian asked him if he was okay. IS HE OKAY? There's something incredibly SINISTER about this country, how we can invade and occupy countries, be responsible for OVER A MILLION people losing their lives, and MILLIONS more suffering the consequences of our greed, yet we manage to make ourselves look like GOOD people who are HERE TO RESUCE THE WORLD.

HOW DARE WE! It is times LIKE THIS where I understand TRULY UNDERSTAND the MANY American Iraq War Vets who come home after their tour of duty in Iraq, LOSE THEIR FUCKING MINDS at shopping malls and movie theaters and restaurants because NO ONE is allowing the truth about who we are and what it is we're doing AND THEN THEY GO to Germany where their base was located, marry German women, and denounce their US citizenship. I understand it COMPLETELY that kind of anger!

AND THEN OF COURSE THERE ARE THE STUPID GAY PEOPLE who want to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell so that our military can be a nice cozy PC world of tenderness with machine guns at the ready! My petition, in case you haven't yet seen it, it is here!

THE WORST THING THOUGH was walking home after the library, and I look up at the massive digital screen on the PECO building many stories above the city and it reads (I'm NOT KIDDING!) MARCH IS AMERICAN RED CROSS MONTH! OH MY GOD, I couldn't believe it!