Thursday, 18 March 2010


I do not believe my eyes, I want to see beyond a distant landscape spoil all the influences you do not think right you tell me what you think you are, let's look at the sky and tell me immaturity, I will suffer and I do not pray and not I pray, the new language limits the double-think, the dictionary because fool me wearing this shirt, this outfit is not what I am, I am beyond any part of your clothing slim. And flying with the subtlety of the Red Sea. People rebel bright look the dark and I clearly show that certain points are divisive and not tell your donations on the screen of something evil things someone pitched temper by telling me random parts.

"Poema XIV'
of 20 poems with Broccoli,

dedicated to Carlinhos: 

"I will crush your brain.'ll shred your 
beardless & white thighs. 
will squander the wealth of your 
adolescence. I will burn your 
eyes with a hot iron. 
will incinerate your heart of flesh & 
of your ashes will be manufactured 
substance of crazed l

ove letters. "(20 Poems with Broccoli, 1981)

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