Sunday, 20 December 2009


Artist from Recife PE. BRAZIl, Gilvan Samico art is located close to the CORDEL As a function in the story, uses the formal arrangement of figures shaped into emblem to show: confrontation, aaxialidade, juxtaposition, repetition, the operating static.Tthe story works in another field full of shortcuts and deviations ranging from antiquity to the present.
Cordel( is a type of folk poetry was originally oral, and then printed on brochures or other rustic quality of paper, displayed for sale hanging from ropes or twine, which gave rise to the name that comes there from Portugal, which had a tradition hang flyers in strings. In northeastern Brazil, we are named (though people call this manifestation of brochure), but the tradition of the string is not perpetuated. That is, the brochure or Singapore could not be exposed to strings. They are written in a rhyming poems and some are illustrated with woodcuts, the same style of engraving used on the covers. The stanzas are the most common of ten, eight or six verses. The authors, or twine, recite these lines in a melodious and rhythmic, accompanied by guitar, as do readings or recitations very excited and animated to win over potential buyers. )

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Felinità said...

Interessante, un arcaico postmoderno ..... non male miaoooo