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Khien Yimsiri

Musical Rhythm, 1949,

Bronze, 55 x 38 x 38 cm.

Khien Yimsiri1922-1971
born in Bangkok
graduated from Silpakorn University, Bangkok/Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy
Khien Yimsiri was among Professor Silpa Bhirasri's first students and has taken an immense interest in Thai art and cultural education. He was one of the first to influence the direction of development in contemporary art in Thailand.
Khien benefited greatly from education and extensive travel abroad, particularly during 1949 when he spent a year in England studying sculpture at Chelsea School of Art in London under the guidance of world renowned sculptor, Henn. Moore. He also spent two years in Italy studying sculpture and art history (1953-1954).
The character of Khien Yimsiri's modern traditional sculptures differ completely from his realistic sculptures. In fact, the beauty of line, volume and shape that is intrinsic in the Buddha images of Sukothai School has made a very deep impression on Khien Yimsiri. His study and research about art in this era helps him to acquire a profound understanding of the timeless beauty in Buddha images.
Apart from his remarkable sculpture Musical Rhythm (1946), Land of Smile (195O) was one of his masterpieces. This work of art was very important because it not only received a gold medal in 195O, but it was also representative of Thai people, peaceful people with generous hearts.

Music from Thailand & Laos - Lak Paed Song

Music from Thailand & Laos - Mekong River Song

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Music from Thailand & Laos - Mekong River Song
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