Wednesday, 4 March 2009


The Language Of Sin

I burn my inheritance, I say:
"My land is virgin, and no graves in my youth."
I transcend both God and Satan
(my path goes beyond the paths of God and Satan).
I go across in my book,
in the procession of the luminous thunderbolt,
the procession of the green thunderbolt,
"After me there's no Paradise, no Fall,
"and abolish
ing the language of sin.

To Sisyphus

I vowed to write upon water,
I vowed to bear with Sisyphus
his speechless rock.
I vowed to stay with Sisyphus
suffering the fevers and the sparks, and seeking in blind eyes
a last plume
that writes for autumn and grass
In the poem of the fall
I vowed to live with Sisyphus.

Said Unto You

I said unto youI listened to the seas
reading to me their verses
I listened to the bells
slumbering inside the oyster shells.

I said unto you:
I sang my songs at Satans wedding
and the feast of the fable.
I said unto you: I beheld,
in the rain of history
and the glow of the distance
a fairy and a dwelling.
Because I sail in my eyes,
I said unto you, I beheld
in the first step of the distance.

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der Gauzibauz said...

Hello Elaine Erig,

now I installed a translater on my blog. So you be able to read in every language you want.